In the previous two blog posts on the Rules topic, we covered Events and the event types. We also explored the different Conditions that are available to help us filter when Adobe Launch should or should not trigger a rule. Summing up the topic, this blog post will cover all about Actions in Adobe Launch.

What are Actions in Adobe Launch?

If, Events are the ‘When’ part of a rule: helping you trigger a Rule when a user takes an action and Conditions are the ‘Where’ part of a rule: helping you trigger a Rule where a condition is satisified, then Actions are the ‘What’ part of the rule - what do you want a particular rule to do?

Do you want it to send a beacon to Adobe Analytics? Or send data to a marketing vendor? etc.

I figured that instead of explaining what a Action in Adobe Launch can do, it is better to just demonstrate it. Do watch the video below that shows how to trigger an action of sending data to Adobe Analytics when a data layer push event is triggered.

See it is that simple to set up an Action. Now, you can send a custom trigger to any marketing vendor or set a cookie, whatever is your requirement, you can do it with Actions.

And with that we close the B2B series for Adobe Launch. In the next series, I will tackle all the basics about Adobe Analytics and Analytics Workspace. Meanwhile, I appreciate you taking out the time and reading through these posts. Do let me know your views on the content of the blog, and if you had like to see more. If it helps you to tackle the issues in your implementation journey, I will be highly obliged.

Please drop me a line at : ritesh(at)thelearningproject(dot)in. See you in the next update!