“Sir, I am afraid you have to get off this plane.” cried the in-flight attendant as she stared at the disoriented man sitting in 19B. The flight had just took off from LHR, and Mr. Kipps had one too many pre-flight drinks. He replied in a slurry tone, “but, I have a confirmed ticket!”.

“Sir, I am afraid you to have get off this plane as you are being unruly and rude, and you have had too many drinks”.

“I am sorry but you are causing grave discomfort to your fellow passengers!”, cried another middle aged lady who was feverishly munching on nuts and chips offered by the crew.

The man in 19B was getting nervous as everyone in the flight had started staring at him. He knew that his actions were getting attention. He knew all crew members had gathered around and were discussing on how to handle him. But little did everyone realize that this was a facade for something else.

Another man wearing a brown suede jacket and a pair of thick rimmed glasses took this opportunity and entered the cockpit whose door had been left unmanned for a brief period