Are you confused about the difference between first-party or third-party cookie? Do you want to know how Adobe can help you mitigate the issue of browser blocking third-party cookies and limiting the time to live of first party cookies?

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As an Analytics Technical Consultant, you will come across many requests or tasks requiring a good/expert knowledge of JavaScript. With the B2B series on JavaScript, my aim is to refresh my JavaScript basics, but via projects. I will be creating small projects and try to explain my learnings. This blog post is aimed at creating a Calculator via JavaScript.

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Anonymizing IP address is the act of removing the IP address from the web analytics tracking hit. As we know it is out of the box setting and is captured just as the user agent and other user level details are recorded. By tracking IP , it might impact Geo Location, Processing Rules, Marketing Channels that are IP based. Instead, there are two options that are available for anonymizing the IP Address

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