As an Analytics Technical Consultant, I have always been piqued by the need to create wonderful looking, insightful dashboards using Adobe Analysis Workspace. This Back to Basics series will cover all my learning about Adobe Analysis Workspace and hopefully spur me on a different path later.

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to enhance my JavaScript skills. I have always considered focusing on a skill and increase my expertise by learning from the experts. In this context, I came across many JavaScript teaching courses, but only one worked well for me. It is the Vanilla JS Academy by Chris Ferdinandi.

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Who Inspires You?

I have always stayed away from idolising people. I found it an unnecessary inclination. All this while I drew inspiration from books, music, movies, but never, in particular, from people. I was influenced by authors and movie directors but only to the extent of their output.

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Never Forget!

Never forget what you can achieve is within your reach. Never forget that you can make it big. Never forget to forgive people. For they come with their own sense of insecurities and fallacies.

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Are you confused about the difference between first-party or third-party cookie? Do you want to know how Adobe can help you mitigate the issue of browser blocking third-party cookies and limiting the time to live of first party cookies?

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Anonymizing IP Address

Anonymizing IP address is the act of removing the IP address from the web analytics tracking hit. As we know it is out of the box setting and is captured just as the user agent and other user level details are recorded. By tracking IP , it might impact Geo Location, Processing Rules, Marketing Channels that are IP based. Instead, there are two options that are available for anonymizing the IP Address

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