We move further up in the ‘Authoring’ section of Adobe Launch and will cover the last component: Rules. Adobe Launch Rules are a way to combine all the previously created components: extensions, data elements and libraries to trigger marketing or tracking pixels on a webpage.

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Google recently made a big announcement to sunset their Universal Analytics product by June 2023. This means companies currently on Universal Analytics (UA) and UA360 tools to track their visitors will now need to migrate their analytics setup to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by next year or fear losing the tracking completely. Here’s my take on the situation!

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I have started a Nordics Adobe Analytics User Group (#Nordics AAUG) in association with Adobe. Adobe Analytics User Group (AAUG) is a community of passionate Analytics users who come together to share best practices, collectively problem solve, and network. There are multiple chapters of AAUG spread across the world. Nordics AAUG is specifically for the Nordics region.

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