As a developer/implementation consultant, I come across various use cases where I need a ready to use platform for testing different approaches. Think of it as a practice ground that athletes use for sharpening their skills. Now, I can go ahead with a simple web page, but the designer in me abhors badly designed web pages. Especially when you have ready to use frameworks like Bootstrap 5 and hundreds of freely available templates.

This is the reason behind ‘Playground’. A well designed area for me to test out different implementation requirements or keep practicing new skills. The page designs will differ with each scenarios/topics. And that is intentional to keep the muse happy.

Topics: Here are the different topics that I am planning to cover

  • Adobe Tags playground: A Bootstrap 5 page to test out different implementation scenarios using Adobe Tags aka Launch(for people who know!)
  • JavaScript Basics: Another Bootstrap page to work on my JavaScript learning skills in the format followed in Vanilla JS Academy
  • Fetch: A page that uses the Fetch…async/await combination to fetch data from APIs (Coming Soon!)