Adobe Tags PlayGround

This page is used to test different implementation scenarios in Adobe Launch now known as Tags. You can navigate the scenarios from the left hand menu.

Copy the below code and paste it in Console to test!

var elem=document.getElementById("customEventsButton"); elem.addEventListener('customEventsClick', function (e) { console.log("'Custom Events Button' fired with these details:",e.detail)}, false);

Copy the below code and paste it in Console to test!

var elem=document.getElementById("directCallRuleButton"); elem.addEventListener('DCRClick', function (e) {console.log("'Direct Call Rule Button' fired with these details:",e.detail)},false);

This button carries the "data-" custom attribute and that attribute is used for triggering a Tags rule!"

< a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" id = "customAttributeButton" data-analytics = "customattribute" data-analytics-value = "custom attribute button" > < /a >

I have created a YouTube video to help you on how to setup the Adobe Tags rule.

The iframe is an independent page and is embedded inside the parent page!
When a visitor interacts with the button element it triggers a call.

This is an example of tracking a video and the engagement with the video player including the filename and other parameters!

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