In continuation with my earlier blog post on people who inspired me, I mentioned briefly about Naval Ravikant and some of his favorite quotes. This blog post will cover all his writings and my views on it.

How to get Lucky?

In his book, Naval talks about different ways to get lucky. He mentions about the discussion that he had with Babak Nivi, his co-founder, on how one gets lucky. There are really four kinds of luck:

  • Hope luck finds you!
  • Hustle until you stumble into it
  • Prepare the mind and be sensitive to chances others miss
  • Become the best at what you do. Refine what you do until this is true. Opportunity will seek you out. Luck becomes your destiny

Given a choice, I really want the fourth way to be the one that I want to walk upon. I really want to be the best in my field of talking and integrating Adobe Experience Cloud technology in client and drive business up. I know that this is the right path for me. I want to become best by learning everything possible there is to learn about Adobe Experience Cloud technologies and become a field expert like Eric Matisoff, Jen Lasser, Adam Greco, Jim Gordon, Jennifer Kunz.

I will continue to go back to basics on all the required technologies and hope that one day luck will find my name and knock the door to present me an opportunity of a lifetime.